How to craft your Family Stewardship Philosophy

by NCF staff  |  February 9, 2016  |   Category: Insights
Like a good family portrait, a well-developed Family Stewardship Philosophy captures a beautiful picture of how money has shaped your family ... and your future. A Family Stewardship Philosophy is a written document (print or digital) that describes ... read full post
So many givers made a remarkable impact for their favorite causes in 2015, and our team at NCF was humbled to be a part of their journey. Thank you for your faithful giving ... read full post
Have you ever wanted to support a ministry or see your Giving Fund balance right away, but found yourself waiting to get home to your computer? Well, now there's a simple, ... read full post
One of the best things about a Giving Fund with NCF is how simple it is to recommend grants to your favorite charities. And on our online giving experience, it's easier than ... read full post
Like the Magi so many years ago, we are overjoyed over the birth of our Lord Jesus. May God bless you for presenting Christ your gifts this year! Merry Christmas from all of ... read full post
What difference does it make how you give? Well, for the charities you care about, it could make all the difference in the world. By giving appreciated stocks or mutual funds ... read full post
Thanks to your faithfulness and abundant generosity, today is an amazing milestone in Christian giving – $6 billion granted to charity from NCF since 1982. That’s ... read full post
NCF giver Jeff Thomas loves his job as a professional advisor. But he wasn’t always this joyful. “During my frst 10 years as an advisor, I had my head down, ... read full post
Like most of us, NCF giver Zach Hunter grew up learning about the great abolitionists of the Civil War era such as Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass. But in 7th grade, ... read full post
2014 was an unprecedented year for giving in America, and thanks to your abundant generosity, you were a huge part of it. By giving more to the causes you love, you're ... read full post
Multiply your impact
Can you imagine sending hundreds of thousands of dollars more to your favorite charity? Learn how one entrepreneur turned his bathroom remodeling company into a Kingdom investment with big returns for world evangelism in this companion story to ... read more
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