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Maximize the sale of your business (1:50)

Only a select group of entrepreneurs ever have the opportunity to sell their successful company for a sizeable gain. Many of these business owners have a heart to give charitably, but don’t know where to turn for wise counsel in the midst of a  ... watch video
A Giving Fund with National Christian Foundation (NCF) is an easy-to-establish, low-cost, flexible account for charitable giving that is a popular alternative to creating a  ... watch video
Learn why thousands of individuals and families are simplifying their giving and multiplying their impact with the National Christian Foundation (NCF). Together, we're  ... watch video
Getting started with your Giving Fund is easy. Just give, grow, and grant! This quick video shares these three simple steps that will get you on the road to making a bigger  ... watch video
Simplicity … convenience … and even greater generosity! These are just a few of the reasons that Scott and Sarah Bass use their Giving Fund at NCF for all their  ... watch video
If you're like most people, almost all of your wealth is tied up in your assets like stocks, business interests, or real estate, while only a fraction is in cash. And yet,  ... watch video
Anna Lipscomb, a teenager from greater Kansas City, was one of the incredible speakers at the National Christian Foundation's 30th Anniversary IMPACT event where hundreds of  ... watch video
Craig and April Chapman were two of the incredible speakers at the National Christian Foundation's 30th Anniversary IMPACT event where hundreds of generous givers gathered in  ... watch video
In this inspiring conversation, co-founders Terry Parker and Ron Blue, and President David Wills talk about the beginnings of National Christian Foundation. They bring us  ... watch video
As wise stewards, one of the most important roles that parents and grandparents have is raising up the next generation of givers in the family. The Generous Family  ... view resource
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